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Soooo I definitely just a quarter of a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and I could have gone for more if it weren’t for my self control. What is it about mother nature’s monthly “gift” that makes me ravenous for chocolate?

You might be surprised to hear this, I don’t feel guilty at all. Why? Because sometimes we should relax and give into our cravings. Let me rephrase, in my opinion, we should give in sometimes. Some people can be so strict with themselves but I’m not that girl. My eating philosophy is to find the healthiest possible way to get what I want and when there isn’t a healthier substitute and you just have to have it, HAVE IT! Just don’t go crazy and don’t beat yourself up afterwards (there’s no point). Enjoy your indulgences. Savor them. and then continue on with your healthy eating plan. Eat as healthy as possible most of the time so you can give in sometimes. I think being to hard on yourself 24/7 will only frustrate you and set you up for failure. A healthy lifestyle is about give and take and moderation. And sometimes, you just have to have moderation in moderation (translation: pig out sometimes!).

And get this. My chocolate binge is NOT over yet! I’m planning on baking Jillian Michaels’ recipe for healthy brownies tonight (86 calories each, my friends!). I’m really picky about brownies; they have to be fudgy, moist, and chocolate-y so we’ll see how this goes. Pictures to come!

Oh and thanks, Mother Nature, for inspiring the chocolate therapy! 😉

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