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This week I made some progress on my bedroom. I painted it a light beige and put up the paintings I made last semester behind the bed. Check it out!

I think the carpet really brings everything together. Still looking for some decorative throw pillows, though!

I also got to see MGMT and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on Lake Champlain at the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival.

View of the lake from the festival

Awesome place for a summer concert.

This is a picture of the stage at MGMT but they're so bright you can't see them!

Pictures of Grace Potter to come soon!

Time to get some beauty rest,

I tried a lot of new healthy and quick snacks this week (and created a new dinner making left overs!) and there are some I’m in love with. All of them are really simple.

Light Laughing Cow Cheese (I used french onion flavor) on:

Toasted Multi-grain Bread

Rich and Creamy

Granny Smith Apple Slices

Each wedge has just 35 calories!

I also love almond butter on multi-grain bread. Yum!

Left Over Dinner Remix

I had a ton of baked chicken left over from a previous dinner as well as left over homemade tomato sauce (I’ll post the recipe for this soon, too) and three tomatoes that were just about at the end of their lives. I try not to waste anything so I decided to make a pasta dish by combining the left overs with a few other ingredients.

I boiled some whole wheat blend pasta and heated the left over sauce in a sauce pan on medium heat while broiling diced tomatoes topped with balsamic vinegar in the oven.While I was waiting for the tomatoes to broil, I shredded the left over chicken and mixed it in with the sauce to get warm. Once the tomatoes were done (about 20 minutes) I threw them into the sauce to add some fresh flavor and texture. I also added some chili powder and red pepper flakes to spice it up a bit, too.

It was really good.

Looks Like New!

That’s all for this week’s update! I can’t believe it’s August already. Time to get my binders and books together–it’s back to school for me!

For me, this week seems to be about finding ways to make exercise convenient and fun–two things everyone wants! I didn’t plan this out or make a goal. For some reason I’ve just been seeing creative opportunities to get my sweat on! I’ve also been super motivated by a healthy lifestyle blog a 25 yr old girl named Julie writes called Peanut Butter Fingers. Julie’s positivity is delightfully contagious. Check it out!

So what have I done to get some activity in conveniently? Wednesday I had two calls to make that I knew would take a while. They were with my mom and one of my best friends, Kaitlin. Although I love talking to them I hate being unproductive on the phone. I can’t multi-task being on the phone with doing chores; it’s just too much of a bummer to have to hold the phone with my neck (ow) while making the bed, doing the dishes, etc. And I can’t talk while doing anything involving thinking either (the person on the other end of the phone deserves as much ADD-impaired attention as they can get!

ANYWAY, so what did I do? I went for a walk the entire time I was on the phone (the beauty of cell phones). I got to enjoy the beautiful sunset, talk to my loved ones, and burn some cals. Woot woot health points for Allie!

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This weekend was SO much fun! One of my best friends Marlaina came up to visit on Friday and then two more good friends, Scott and Kaitlin, came up on Sunday so I’ve had friends here from Friday to Tuesday. Too much fun!!

On Saturday Marlaina and I went out for lunch at Vermont Pub and Brewery. We had yummy cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, and we shared two yummy drinks, a beer called forbidden fruit which was made of berries and hard apple cider. Sooo good! I decided I’m going to combine the two into one drink next time I go because the bitterness of the beer and sweetness of the cider complemented each other so well. Then we went to the beach and got to jet ski, water tube, and cliff jump! The next day we were sore from holding on but it was all worth it!

Vermont Pub and Brewery

Marlaina, so excited to be in Burlington, with our drinks!

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My friend Laura’s baby was born 8 pounds, 12 ounces, and perfect! Dan and I were in New Jersey yesterday and then stayed over night in Connecticut so I got to meet him today!  He is so cute–I’ll let the pictures (compliments of grandma) do the talking 🙂

He's such a good baby!

At the hospital

Grandpa put him under arrest!

Of course in addition to South Beach but I blog enough about that (and I have a lot more posts to put up about it!)

This first picture is of decorative letters I made for my friend Laura, who will be having who she calls her “long time tummy tenant” any day now! The colors in the picture are a bit off. They’re really more pastel-y and the green isn’t as dark. I painted the wooden letters with acrylic yellow paint, hot glued ribbon on the sides, and then added some cute stickers and, voila!, an adorable room decoration for the new arrival’s nursery!

Letters for Noah's bedroom

I also painted my bathroom this past week. It was a really quick job. Two coats of Behr’s paint and primer in one and it was done! Probably took me 3 hours–4 tops! The color was called Almond Wisp. It’s really soothing!

The bathroom before it was painted

Annnnnnnnd after!

This week, the ferrets found a new play toy. It’s a plastic tube that the rods for our window treatments came in. They LOVE playing with found objects (Bear loves beer bottles) so we don’t buy them toys. Why do that when the core of a toilet paper or paper towel roll is, in their opinion, the best toy around? Well, now it’s not. The plastic tube is! Here’s a video of Dan playing with Polar. I caught the fun a little late. Before it was taken, Dan would put the tube on the floor, Polar would walk into it and he’d pick it up so he’d slide down on the other side. After polar got out, he’d turn around and walk right back in! This happened multiple times before this vid was taken. Enjoy!

Starting this Sunday I’m going to put up at least one photo every Sunday of something interesting I experienced within the past week. If I have an extra fun week, I’ll post more than one. This one’s a bit fuzzy because I took it from a video taken on my phone.

I did a ton this past week. My mom flew into Burlington from Annapolis, MD where she resides on Tuesday and since we’ve been battling the record breaking heat wave that has hit us by attempting (and failing) to use a crappy little air conditioner to cool the whole five rooms in this place. My mom and I have made too many trips from WalMart (I feel guilty, I know), Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, and JC Penney purchasing (and taking back) curtain rods, curtains, paint, paint supplies, rugs, etc. and yesterday I painted the entire living room and hallway. It’s a taupe-y, beige-y, khaki like color and I love it! I used two coats of Behr paint and primer in one in the color “almond wisp” (sounds relaxing, right?). After using that paint, I will never go back to any other kind! It covered great and minimized my work–which I needed since I had to spackle, sand, and tape the entire area as well. My mom and I got a nice light colored rug to go with everything and now I’m just waiting on the curtains we ordered to be delivered. Pictures coming soon! And I’m planning on painting the kitchen this Wednesday!

In other news, my mom and I took the day off. We went to Shelburne Farms to see the cheese making, have some farm grown lunch (quite yummy although watching chickens walk by while you’re eating one of them in your sandwich is a bit awkward), and play with the animals. I loved this little baby sheep–especially when he curled up in this little bowl!

My beautiful (but blurry) mama with a sheep!

Afterwards, we kayaked on Lake Champlain. It was beautiful and nice to get cool in the water. I’m glad my mom could experience it! We didn’t see Champ.

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– Allie


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