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Healthy Tipping Point Meets Healthy Balance

Posted on: November 12, 2010

I’ve followed and looked up to Caitlin from since I entered the world of blogging and twitter in July (only 4 months ago!). When I woke up yesterday morning I never would have guessed that I would be eating dinner that night in Burlington with her! I think it was fate (I say that half jokingly) because I usually wouldn’t be in Burlington until much later on Wednesdays. I usually have my internship but this particular Wednesday I didn’t go! Meant to beee!

F.A.T.E. Caption later.  Photo by Telle Delvo.  • The Bipolar Child

Here’s a picture I got from because I don’t have any pics for this post it’s pretty

Here’s how it all went down. I spent yesterday cleaning the kitchen and doing school work. Around 4:30ish, I had a quick and early dinner of quinoa with zucchini and broccoli slaw drizzled with sesame oil and topped with several grinds of steak seasoning (I loooove spices), which includes dried onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and paprika. I had a meeting for a group project at 7:30 and I was planning on finishing a paper and going for a run at the gym before getting to the meeting. That’s when I got an email from Caitlin asking if I wanted to meet for dinner and to call her. I took a double take. Whaaaaaaaaat?! Obviously a paper and a run were no longer top priorities. I immediately called her and we settled on American Flatbread. Thirty minutes later, there I was sitting with Caitlin already chatting away while simultaneously watching her take pictures of everything. A real blogger! After enjoying a salad and stealing a piece of a flatbread special she got with spiced pumpkin sauce (mmm!) off I went to my meeting still in awe of what had just happened.

What amazed me the most, other than the fact that this was a completely last minute thing that was not in any way planned, is how much you really do know someone just by following their blog or on twitter. Caitlin and I talked about how people who don’t follow blogs and/or are not on twitter don’t realize that this stuff is real! The relationships are real, the content of the posts are real, and the people are real. For me, the appeal of healthy living blogs (and just blogs in general) is that you see ordinary people doing amazing things! If they can do it, I can do it. Not only is it motivating but you can form a relationship with bloggers and readers as well. I’d rather get my health tips from real people than celebrities I can’t relate to any day!

Saying Images-Amazing Images With Inspired Sayings - Part 6 picture on VisualizeUs

Also from Also something I believe in (you can’t help what you feel). Also adorable.

Imagination Exists (When I Am Bored)

I also like this.

All of this talk about blogging has gotten me inspired to get back into it. Since grad school started, I haven’t made it a priority. Those days are over, though—I’M BAAACK! (I should probably start bringing my camera places, huh? No more cell phone pictures!) I have officially bought the domain name I’ll let you know when it’s all set up! 🙂

What are your favorite blogs? Let’s get a good list up here and share the bloggin’ love! Caitlin asked me what blogs I follow and I mentioned some of my faves. Caitlins, of course, as well as,, and my most recent find

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My favorite blogs are:

so nice to meet you!!!

thanks for the shout out! i have so many favorites. here are my daily reads:

healthy tipping point
girl meets life
oh she glows
the front burner

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