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Posted on: August 7, 2010

For me, this week seems to be about finding ways to make exercise convenient and fun–two things everyone wants! I didn’t plan this out or make a goal. For some reason I’ve just been seeing creative opportunities to get my sweat on! I’ve also been super motivated by a healthy lifestyle blog a 25 yr old girl named Julie writes called Peanut Butter Fingers. Julie’s positivity is delightfully contagious. Check it out!

So what have I done to get some activity in conveniently? Wednesday I had two calls to make that I knew would take a while. They were with my mom and one of my best friends, Kaitlin. Although I love talking to them I hate being unproductive on the phone. I can’t multi-task being on the phone with doing chores; it’s just too much of a bummer to have to hold the phone with my neck (ow) while making the bed, doing the dishes, etc. And I can’t talk while doing anything involving thinking either (the person on the other end of the phone deserves as much ADD-impaired attention as they can get!

ANYWAY, so what did I do? I went for a walk the entire time I was on the phone (the beauty of cell phones). I got to enjoy the beautiful sunset, talk to my loved ones, and burn some cals. Woot woot health points for Allie!

So yesterday I babysat for the most adorable 14 month old girl.(Quite a welcome change from my usual routine as a youthworker. This week all my kids were on vacation so I got a vacation too!) The mom told me the baby loves long walks in the jogging stroller. JOGGING STROLLER?! My ears perked up. She said I could go for a run while pushing her daughter. So I strapped on my sneakers and took to the street for 45 minutes while the baby got the funnest ride of her life. Getting paid to exercise? Yes, please! Oh and by the way this stroller was awesome. It didn’t get stuck or have any problems with turns. I was sprinting on the sidewalk with this thing and the baby still had a smooth ride. The mom said she had tried many before sticking with this one so I’ll tell you the name. It’s a BOB Revolution stroller. If you’ve got small kids and you’re sacrificing your cardio for them, try this baby out and you’ll have it all!

Okay so plans for this weekend are extra exciting because not only am I going to get some sweat inducing play time in but so is Dan! I’ve been trying to get him to work out with me forevvvver. He was actually the one to get me hooked on running because I would run with him during the summer in high school to get him ready for cross country in the fall. I miss the days when we’d run together 😦 but enough of my pouting, let’s celebrate for this weekend!

Quick ADD non-sequiter –> Tonight we had dinner on Lake Champlain at Splash and it was so yummy and in such a beautiful location! Okay, done.

The view from Splash


How beautiful is Lake Champlain?

While I'm at it, I might as well show you all the gorgeous flowers Kaitlin got me as a house warming present!

After dinner Dan gave me my first longboarding lesson. For those of you who don’t know, (I didn’t before Dan told me) long boarding is like skate boarding except, you guessed it, the board is longer and therefore much more stable. I was surprised by how easy and intuitive it is to balance on it and make turns. I got nervous getting on and off but I’m learning! I think balancing to get on, off, and travel probably works the quads while pushing with one leg while balancing on the other to get it moving on flat or uphill surfaces works the abs. I hope so! So much fun and I’d give it extra points if it was a muscular work out! Dan said he’s always sore after so let’s hope I feel it tomorrow. Of course I won’t know if the soreness is from the long boarding or not because I did a full body EA Active work out tonight that kicked my butt. Who knew how much work your body can do in a little over 20 minutes–crazy! I chose the hard work out so I guess I asked for it. My EA Active trainer was having me do jump lunges and jump squats. Not my fave but obviously really good for toning. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow!

Man, it’s taking me a long time to get to weekend plans. Here they are! I work tomorrow morning as a youth worker for a 12 year old girl who loves to play tennis. I’m bringing stuff to play with her tomorrow so hopefully we’ll get to do that! Then (so exciteddd!) Dan and I have a tennis date. We’re both terrible so hopefully there’s no one in the courts next to us. If there are, they’re going to have to get used to the constant incoming balls from our side! The worse we are, the more we’ll have to run to get the balls right? Either it will be a back and arm work out or just cardio, depending on how well we do. 😉

Sunday is what I’m most excited for. Dan and I are going for a hike that leads to a body of water (I’m not sure whether it’s a pond or Lake or what…we’ll see!) and then we’re going to go swimming. Yayyyy!

OH and, this doesn’t have to do with this weekend but, I just signed up for Laura’s March, a 5k to end violence against women (sponsor meee!) with my friend Carrie. Work on my fitness while making a difference? Count me in! AND the next week Dan and I are signed up for Warrior Dash, a 3.23 mile obstacle course race in Windham, New York.

Okay okay so enough of me talking. Read these and find other ways to multi-task fun and fitness:

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