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Visit from Friends!

Posted on: August 4, 2010

This weekend was SO much fun! One of my best friends Marlaina came up to visit on Friday and then two more good friends, Scott and Kaitlin, came up on Sunday so I’ve had friends here from Friday to Tuesday. Too much fun!!

On Saturday Marlaina and I went out for lunch at Vermont Pub and Brewery. We had yummy cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, and we shared two yummy drinks, a beer called forbidden fruit which was made of berries and hard apple cider. Sooo good! I decided I’m going to combine the two into one drink next time I go because the bitterness of the beer and sweetness of the cider complemented each other so well. Then we went to the beach and got to jet ski, water tube, and cliff jump! The next day we were sore from holding on but it was all worth it!

Vermont Pub and Brewery

Marlaina, so excited to be in Burlington, with our drinks!

We came home to relax and enjoy some on demand Bethenny Getting Married?! (hands down the best reality TV show EVER, right?) and then we got ready to go out with my new friend, Carrie. Carrie came over and we enjoyed some pino grigio, listened to music, and talked and then we left to go dancing at a place downtown called Red Square. Very crowded but lots of fun. A fun and productive day, I think. Burned lots of calories rock climbing, tensing our muscles to stay on the tube, and dancing!

The next day, Scott and Kaitlin came and Kait, Marlaina, and I went to the beach again. Kaitlin and I went cliff jumping again while Marlaina relaxed on the beach.

Kaitlin and Me on Church Street (Starbucks in hand mmm)

In Life Vests Before Going on the Jet Ski to Get to The Rock

20 Foot High Rock (Guess-timating)

About to Jump!


We all (Dan, Scott, Kaitlin, Marlaina, and me) went out to my favorite thai restaurant, Parima, for dinner and then came back to the apartment to hang out for the rest of the night.

Marlaina and Bear Sharing a Drink

Those are the highlights!

I also need to include this video (dedicated to my dad for whom I took the video)  from earlier this week of two artists playing their music on Church Street. I love living here!


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