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South Beach Update and Response to “You Can’t Have FRUIT for TWO Weeks!?”

Posted on: July 27, 2010

My blogger friend Spagate commented about the no fruit rule for the first two weeks of South Beach. It prompted an answer and an update from me!

Spagate: I don’t think I could give up fruit for two weeks. It’s a staple in my life! I’d have to really think about the benefits of doing it for those two weeks, at least I’d be able to eat it again after. But summer is SO great for fresh fruit!

Me: True about the fruit. That was really hard for me. I tried to settle my “fruit tooth” with fruit tea and sugar free jello but it is NOT the same! If you can’t live with out fruit, I think you could include it and just include the fruit with the lowest glycemic index. Berries are good for that. Bananas, mangos, pineapples and other tropical fruits are not. In the book, there’s a letter from a guy who did South Beach and had a bowl of ice cream every day through out the entire thing and he still lost weight! I don’t recommend this, obviously, but it just shows that it can still work without completely changing your lifestyle.

I’ve lost a lot of weight though (I’m guessing 10 pounds) and my clothes are slinking off of me. I also feel way more in control of eating and I know how different types of food affect me (this is my favorite part of the South Beach Diet book. It explains everything so that you understand the relationship between your body and food. It gives you control because you know the repercussions of your choices. The choices you make can make you feel great and strong later on or weak or hungry or have sugar cravings, etc. There are also ways to cheat a little bit without the negative effects (yay Splenda!).

I gained about 20 pounds with Lyme but I was on the unhealthy side of thin before gaining it so really with this diet I was only looking to lose about 10 pounds to give me more energy, feel better, etc. and for the other benefits such as balancing out my blood sugar and insulin levels and getting in control of what I eat in order to eat healthier so I can be stronger in general!

After Phase one, which is when most of the weight loss occurs, people stay in phase two until they reach their goal weight. The weight loss in phase two is less rapid, 1-2 pounds per week. After reaching the goal weight, people move to Phase three which is the phase that lasts the rest of your life and is just a healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight and health. I’m skipping straight to phase three since I have all the weight loss I want and I feel in control of my choices. It takes a while to make a habit out of anything so, although I am in the lifestyle phase, I’m going to try to be pretty strict with myself in the beginning of it to set my healthy habits.

Update: Just found a testimonial of someone who ate berries during Phase 1.

“The only way I can do Phase 1 is with berries. I eat blueberries, raspberries, cherries and strawberries, alternating them in my yogurt for breakfast. This also prevents the crawling, cramping leg knots I got the first time I did a STRICT Phase 1. Now is the perfect season for you to add berries, which are low on the glycemic index. Good luck.”
– Janice in Denver

I still have to write a post about the glycemic index! Will do soon!


2 Responses to "South Beach Update and Response to “You Can’t Have FRUIT for TWO Weeks!?”"

Great post. I don’t think I could eliminate fruit completely either, but as you mentioned the main thing is to feel in control of you choices.

I run a weight loss group on the Glycemic Index, so if you have any questions ask away!

That’s awesome! Would you like to do a guest post on it for me? Explaining what it is and why it’s important, how to incorporate low glycemic choices into your life, etc. ?

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