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Crafts, Painting, and Ferrets…that was my week!

Posted on: July 18, 2010

Of course in addition to South Beach but I blog enough about that (and I have a lot more posts to put up about it!)

This first picture is of decorative letters I made for my friend Laura, who will be having who she calls her “long time tummy tenant” any day now! The colors in the picture are a bit off. They’re really more pastel-y and the green isn’t as dark. I painted the wooden letters with acrylic yellow paint, hot glued ribbon on the sides, and then added some cute stickers and, voila!, an adorable room decoration for the new arrival’s nursery!

Letters for Noah's bedroom

I also painted my bathroom this past week. It was a really quick job. Two coats of Behr’s paint and primer in one and it was done! Probably took me 3 hours–4 tops! The color was called Almond Wisp. It’s really soothing!

The bathroom before it was painted

Annnnnnnnd after!

This week, the ferrets found a new play toy. It’s a plastic tube that the rods for our window treatments came in. They LOVE playing with found objects (Bear loves beer bottles) so we don’t buy them toys. Why do that when the core of a toilet paper or paper towel roll is, in their opinion, the best toy around? Well, now it’s not. The plastic tube is! Here’s a video of Dan playing with Polar. I caught the fun a little late. Before it was taken, Dan would put the tube on the floor, Polar would walk into it and he’d pick it up so he’d slide down on the other side. After polar got out, he’d turn around and walk right back in! This happened multiple times before this vid was taken. Enjoy!


4 Responses to "Crafts, Painting, and Ferrets…that was my week!"

Ah so, we DO have befores and afters! Sorry I missed that in my last comment. Bathroom looks great!

Hysterical watching the babies play in the tubes! They are the cutest critters ever!

Haha funny how I’m up when you’re up. We don’t get any sleep, huh?

Thanks! I’ll put up before and afters of the living room when it’s ready!

I’m trying to make myself go to bed but it’s easier to just sit here and veg out. I’ll pay the price tomorrow!!!!

[…] The bathroom isn’t too exciting but you can see pictures of it here. […]

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