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Day One and Two on the South Beach Diet!

Posted on: July 14, 2010

On Tuesday night I read enough of the book to decide I was going to try to start today. Wednesday morning I woke up ready and rarin’ to go!



Although I don’t really like eggs, I have always wanted to like them. The perfect protein, right? So I decided I would make my own adaptation of a phase one “Vegetable Frittata with Parmesan”. I used the vegetables I had in the fridge and subbed in Mexican blend cheese for Parmesan. I also used egg whites instead of whole eggs. It was absolutely delicious! Here’s what I did. (You can sub in any vegetables you may have in your fridge for the ones here).


Then I had peanut butter with flax seed and salad with italian dressing and chicken for lunch.


I didn’t have a mid morning snack so I was very hungry after lunch. I made the yummiest roast cabbage. Try the recipe (from Martha Stewart Magazine)! I don’t eat cabbage any other way! It’s so good I CRAVE it.


Dinner was yummy roasted balsamic chicken using this clean recipe (from clean eating magazine). Great for left overs!


For dessert I had the most surprisingly yummy concoction: Vanilla Cinnamon Ricotta Creme. I adapted this from a recipe in the South Beach book and I didn’t expect it to be so good because I’ve always thought ricotta cheese was gross. It’s not! Here’s the recipe.



Same frittata for breakfast–made some for Dan. He got full really quickly!


For lunch I steamed some zucchini in the micro, reheated some cabbage wedges, and reheated some of last night’s chicken with balsamic vinegar on top (so good). I also broiled tomatoes in the toaster oven for about 20 minutes. I put balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper on them. Really really yummy.


Dinner was some yummy chicken that Dan made (his grandma Abuelita’s recipe) with black beans on the side.


I snacked on almonds, unsalted peanuts, and sugar free jello today. Also had three cups of non-caffeinated tea with a packet of Splenda for each cup.

I craved chocolate Thursday but I think I can hang in there!

**Check back tomorrow for days three and four!**

In addition, look out for future posts including answers to questions like…

  • What’s made dieting easier for me?
  • I’m sick of eggs for breakfast! What else can I eat that’s no/low carb and protein rich?
  • What contributes more to weight loss? Diet or exercise?
  • What is a glycemic index and why does it matter?

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