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PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Posted on: July 13, 2010

Sounds gross, right? Well, I haven’t tried it yet (although I plan on it) but I heard about it from the woman I used to babysit for, Laura. The same one who got me interested in eating clean! She just sent me an e-mail about it. The way she describes it is quite enticing so I’ll post what she said verbatim. She should be a health food marketer with all the things she’s got me interested in!

In Laura’s words:

“I have a food for you to try that I just got the other day. I opened up the package to this PB2 (more to come on what exactly this is) and after I tested it I thought, “I need to tell Allie about this”. So this PB2 stuff is peanut butter–all natural–with the fat squeezed out of it. That means major calorie and fat reduction. It comes in a powder form that you just add water to make it to the desired creaminess. They recommend 2 TBS to 1 TB of water to get 2 TBS pnut butter. 45 cals and 1.5g of fat! Isn’t that amazing??? It’s not exactly an identical match but it’s good enough considering the calorie and fat reduction. Plus there’s this chocolate peanut butter one (same cals/fat) that is super good and the kids go crazy for it.”

Interested? Here’s their website. They also include recipes you can use it in like peanut butter cookies, thai noodles, protein pancakes, and fudge and oatmeal cookies YUM!

I’ll have to keep this in the back of my mind when reading the South Beach book tonight. I definitely want to try the chocolate peanut butter one. Maybe I can have it in phase one!


4 Responses to "PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter"

Have you tried it yet? Now I’m curious?!

Haven’t tried it yet. I’m going to order it soon and I’ll let you know!

The woman who recommended it to me has really good taste in food and I’ve loved all the other healthy foods she has suggested. Ezekiel bread is something she got me into. I’ll do a post about it soon but look it up if you haven’t tried it yet. It’s in the refrigerated section at the market. I suggest toasting it with bruschetta, almond butter, or raw honey on top. SO GOOD!

Totally googling it now.

haha nice let me know what you think if you get to it before I do!

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