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Jay Weixelbaum Professional Historian for Academy Award Winning Director and Screen Writer!

Posted on: July 13, 2010

The academy award winning film director and screen writer Oliver Stone (most well known for writing the screenplay for Scarface) has contacted my older brother Jason Weixelbaum to provide his historical information for one of his upcoming projects! Jason’s past work has focused on issues of corporate complicity related to World War II. I am so proud of my big brother! He has persevered through so much despite criticism, stubborn dogma, and skepticism! In addition to this milestone in his career, he will be finishing up his last year of a Master’s Degree in History at Boston College this coming year. Who knows what will come next! Check out his publications and research! –>

from left to right: Jay, Me, and Gabe. We're pretty serious people.

Also, two pretty interesting side notes.

  1. Gabe and I were born with the last name Weixelbaum but my dad changed his name because it was “too jewish” for acting. Gabe and I had no say because we were young but Jason, who was (is) much older decided to keep the name.
  2. It seems that dabbling in the entertainment world is in my family’s blood (except for mine–but the theory holds true since I’m adopted!). My mom and dad met each other acting (she played his daughter! ewww!) and both had (and my dad still has) careers acting, producing, writing, and directing. Gabe dabbled in film school. And now, although he has focused on history, Jay is now contributing to a project (per contractual obligation, Jason can’t go into too much detail about what it really is) by an award winning director and screen writer! Can’t get away from the entertainment biz, I suppose!

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