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South Beach Diet and 5 Ways to Avoid Eating Unwisely

Posted on: July 12, 2010

Recently I’ve been thinking about going on South Beach Diet. Ever since the health issues I had last year, my body has felt off and I’ve gained about 20 pounds. In addition to that, I’ve been having digestive problems lately so I’m thinking that going back on the diet would be a good, healthy way to reset my body and hopefully get it back to normal.

About six years ago I went on South Beach when my doctor told me I was a bit overweight (no one believes me but it’s true! and I have the pictures to prove it). I lost a ton of weight, my energy increased, and I felt great. What I love about this diet is that it’s not really a diet. It has three phases: 1. The first is the strictest phase and it’s designed to reset your body and get rid of your bad food cravings and habits. It lasts two weeks, 2. The second phase is when more foods are introduced back into your diet, and 3. the third phase is the maintenance phase where you maintain your weight. In addition, you are always encouraged to eat when you’re hungry so you’re always full and it’s forgiving. If you slip up and start gaining weight, you can always go back to a previous phase. It doesn’t banish carbs or fats in general; it encourages you to eat good carbs and good fats (yes there is such a thing!) It’s also a healthy way to lose weight! (Not high fat like Atkins or starving yourself!)

Anyway, I’m going to borrow the book from the library to refresh myself on the diet and then I’ll figure out when I’m going to start it. I’ll keep you all updated!

Until then, here’s five little tips I found on avoiding cheating on a nutritious diet plan. They all seem great to me except for number three. I want my sweets sometimes! (I’m going to have to work on foregoing chocolate in the first phase!)

1. Skip the chip and cookie aisles at the grocery store and focus on the
fresh foods around the perimeter.
2. Empty your cupboards and refrigerator of all the unhealthy foods that
trigger your cravings.
3. When going out to eat, don’t tease yourself by looking at the dessert
menu. Instead, plan on eating a serving of sugar-free gelatin or a sugar-free
Popsicle when you get home.
4. Always carry a healthy snack with you, like a reduced-fat cheese stick or
a handful of nuts.
5. If someone gives you an indulgent present, like a box of chocolates or
your favorite cookies, bring it into work, or give it to a neighbor or friend.

What do you think of these? What works for you?


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