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Photo of the Week: Baby Sheep at Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT

Posted on: July 12, 2010

Starting this Sunday I’m going to put up at least one photo every Sunday of something interesting I experienced within the past week. If I have an extra fun week, I’ll post more than one. This one’s a bit fuzzy because I took it from a video taken on my phone.

I did a ton this past week. My mom flew into Burlington from Annapolis, MD where she resides on Tuesday and since we’ve been battling the record breaking heat wave that has hit us by attempting (and failing) to use a crappy little air conditioner to cool the whole five rooms in this place. My mom and I have made too many trips from WalMart (I feel guilty, I know), Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, and JC Penney purchasing (and taking back) curtain rods, curtains, paint, paint supplies, rugs, etc. and yesterday I painted the entire living room and hallway. It’s a taupe-y, beige-y, khaki like color and I love it! I used two coats of Behr paint and primer in one in the color “almond wisp” (sounds relaxing, right?). After using that paint, I will never go back to any other kind! It covered great and minimized my work–which I needed since I had to spackle, sand, and tape the entire area as well. My mom and I got a nice light colored rug to go with everything and now I’m just waiting on the curtains we ordered to be delivered. Pictures coming soon! And I’m planning on painting the kitchen this Wednesday!

In other news, my mom and I took the day off. We went to Shelburne Farms to see the cheese making, have some farm grown lunch (quite yummy although watching chickens walk by while you’re eating one of them in your sandwich is a bit awkward), and play with the animals. I loved this little baby sheep–especially when he curled up in this little bowl!

My beautiful (but blurry) mama with a sheep!

Afterwards, we kayaked on Lake Champlain. It was beautiful and nice to get cool in the water. I’m glad my mom could experience it! We didn’t see Champ.

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– Allie


2 Responses to "Photo of the Week: Baby Sheep at Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, VT"

It was fun helping you set up your new place, Ms. Swan, but I’m hoping that’s my last painting experience for a long time to come! The place looked great with the new paint job! Almond Wisp is my new favorite color! Have you finished the other rooms yet? When will the BR curtains be in? We need before and after pics to really get a good idea of your progress! At least now the ferrets and rats have a beautiful environment to lounge in!

Loved the farm and kayaking! Burlington Rocks!
Thanks for being such great hosts. It was a great (but busy) week!

Thanks mom! I completely forgot to tell you we got your thank you card in the mail today. Thank you sooo much! Let me know how you like the fritatta. I love you!

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